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After proudly serving our community by relieving pain and improving postures for the past 25 years...

the Balance Center will be
closing it's doors as of
February 28th, 2018.

The Co-Owners:  Jenn Sherer and Jean Couch will transition as follows:

Jean Couch is SEMI-retiring.

Jenn Sherer will be opening her new Spinefulness studio in Palo Alto next week. Contact Jenn Sherer as follows:

Spinefulness llc, 305 N. California Ave #203, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Sign up for classes at
Questions? Call the new number 650.429.8855 or email

Jean and Jenn will also still be teaching classes together at Esalen Institute and for Teacher Training etc.

The new center opens on Saturday, March 2, 2018. The courses that have been taught for years will continue to be offered: Intro, Foundations, Practice Classes, Breathing and the Spine, and privates.

To reach Jean Couch, please send inquiries to: 

If you are interested in our new class offerings, you can find them on the new website at



When you learn to be in Balance, your back pain will be significantly reduced or eliminated. Founder Jean Couch has studied healthy populations from all over the world - people who remain active into their old age, and don't experience back pain or end up with hunched-over posture. Millions of people are naturally in balance. Jean and her expert instructors will share their methods for a comforable posture with you. Learn more

Learn concrete guidelines to sit comfortably. You will feel better at the end of this class. Try it risk-free. Learn more about Intro, ongoing, or intensive classes.

The Problem: Most people have excessively curved posture as in the photo on the left. Many try to "stand up straight", also excessively curved, as in the photo on the right.

The Solution: With Balance, as in the middle photo, you will learn specific guidelines to align your bones naturally so strain is relieved and muscles relax. Back and joint pain are eliminated and the body heals itself. Learn more

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After three years of pain, I am pain-free. Better yet, I know how to help myself when old irritations arise. -J.S., real estate agent